Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting the Message Across: Consulting to Instigate Change

In the process of starting to write my book, which I desperately need as a platform, but which is such an undertaking, especially b/c I've been focusing so much on building the consulting part of JBC - infrastructure and other boring stuff. My writing partner and I are so excited to document the changes we're seeing (and hope to see) in the workplace, in an accessible, fun, and useful book for agents of change everywhere!

I want to instigate ... sometimes I have to moderate that urge a little b/c all consultants know that it's all about "meeting the client where they're at". If you can move the client, even incrementally, you've done your job. It's tough to know when you're going too far, and you usually hear about it after the engagement, or workshop.

That's actually happened to me recently, where an audience of senior executives weren't ready yet to receive the info, and actually personalized their resistance back to me. Not fun!

But when the audience is with you, and invested in learning and actually changing, it's powerful. Those are the good days.

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